That's nothing, don't worry.

Well, that helps a lot.


She must have seen me.

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I'm fed up with your riddles.

To tell the truth, I don't remember anything I said yesterday.

The doors don't open.

They love you all.

I'm moving, so I need boxes for my things.

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Rees, Leads and John are playing cards in the living room.


This coffee is really strong.

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Pardon, do you have the time?

My aunt was coming to see us the next day.

We are not able to put a young boy in prison.

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We will never forget the day the typhoon ruined the crops.


Do you have any idea who wrote this book?

I'm a great baseball fan.

I have to help him.

I've been to the bank.

I wonder why karaoke is so popular.

I have no idea what we're supposed to be doing now.

Tell him I'm in the office.


I know that Owen says he doesn't like me.


I don't have to get up until 1 o'clock tomorrow.

He who cannot love himself, cannot love others either.

Wait here. I'll be back soon.

Let me pay tonight.

I'd like to eat something else.


I don't remember getting paid for the work.

I wonder if Kate still likes Ramon.

I want some of those.

That seems completely fair to me.

The congressman has been in the spotlight ever since his untoward remarks about African Americans.


I think this is a dream.


I'll see if I can find a cab.

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I must calculate how much money I'll spend next week.


Toerless wondered what Leila's problem was.


Rugby is a sport which is never called off by rain.

Brandy lied about his grade.

We were made to practice three hours a day by the manager.


Maybe we can talk to Max.


What's Jochen have to say about this?

This befits you.

You look sleepy.

Keith isn't available at the moment.

There was nothing for it but to give up my plan.

They saw a drunkard lying in the road.

Have you ever heard her sing on stage?

He lost the game.

Don't make any dinner plans.

That's why you need to contact Sharan.

That's the house they lived in.

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I can't think of any place I'd rather be.

Contrails are long, narrow, ice-crystal clouds that form behind jet planes flying at high altitudes in below-freezing temperatures. They result from the condensation of water vapor remaining in jet exhaust.

Can we get out of here now, please?


That motor doesn't have enough power.


Though I have neither money nor friends, I am not so unhappy as you think.

The police need someone to blame.

Her son makes life worth living.

There were tons of people at the park.

His autobiography was released today and was sold out by noon.

Please keep quiet.

It's going to be very lonely here without Sarah.

One rotten apple spoils the barrel.

I want him to solve the problem.


He has a strong shoulder for you to lean on.

If you want to study Chinese well, you should communicate with Chinese people more often.

Better an end with horror than a horror without end.

Tell me about your everyday life.

Do you want to go out with me tonight?

Mix Michiel a drink.

Further testing is required.

Jerome will go home.

I was surprised that Oscar didn't win.

Finance Ministry officials tried to boost confidence in recovery.

He added that he was coming up to town in a day or two.

I can't believe it worked.

Spy says he's never seen you before.


Kate didn't recognize her.


Gerard has been in there an awfully long time.

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Ssi told Johan that she had the prettiest eyes he'd ever seen.

Today, we are going dancing.

His house stands by a lot of tall buildings.

It is strange that he should have lost his way.

Takeshi raised his hand to ask a question.


My brother is away on a construction job.

She knocked on the door.

Where were they born?


The alleviation of poverty is an issue which confronts governments around the world.


I'm afraid I can't help you now.

I'm feeling lucky.

Chrysanthemums smell sweet.


He may be a good man for all I know.


I think to clearly distinguish opinion from fact is important.


No weapons were discovered.

Saqib is one of our top engineers.

Michelle was uncertain whether or not he should tell Barbara.

He knows what he is about.

Don't let Antonella get to you.

Turn down the stereo.

Ancient manuscripts were copied by hand.


Are you sure we have enough money?

We can't continue like this.

The judge concluded that the prisoner was innocent.

What do you think of it, Heinrich?

How can you help Lanny?

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It is Soseki that my sister likes best.

Birds lay eggs.

The students were told to turn in reports by the next day.

I want to be a statesman.

This proposal was unanimously approved.

I shoved my hands into my pockets.

Why are you driving Kyu's car?

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When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. That's my religion.

That is outside my purview.

He is reluctant to go to the college.

Time after time I've invited them to come over and visit us but time and time again they've never come.

Takeuchi wasn't paying attention in class.

The quiet cat caught the mouse.

Don't leave until we get there.

I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't have done that.

Hal has an eye infection.

Do you feel that the media presents the news fairly?

When I attended a Japanese high school last July, I was impressed with what I saw.

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Why aren't you looking for a job?

We always have to make efforts to reach our goals.

Many Japanese get married in church.

There have been many genocides in history, but the most famous (or infamous) is that perpetrated by the Nazis.

We need a plan.

In the summer, it is very hot here.

Would you recognize us?

I will buy drinks for you all.

That's what we anticipate will happen.

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It is dark out of doors.

They are the best players I've seen in my life.

That was impressive.

Dieter is opening presents.

In Montpellier, the tram clattering along used to wake me up every day.

Where did the time go?

The customer did not come.

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Read me more.

Where is nearest American Express office?

Could I have a sample taste?

He drove carelessly and had an accident.

He's as timid as a rabbit.

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There is no man but has his weak points.


It's said that the president of these people is fair.

You don't need to impress me!

I wasn't aware that you were feeling that bad.

What is your favorite fish to eat?

I'd rather not waste my time trying to learn a language that I don't need to know.

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It is often pointed out that a vague smile is typical of the Japanese.

Why don't you get some rest?

Even a small sound from the TV interferes with my concentration.

He was as still as a statue.

I want you to come work here at our company.

Jane says he doesn't like money.

Ahmed ignored Janice's email messages.

That's the last thing I want to do.

Anthony tied his shoelaces.


Dad stretched after dinner.